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October 2018: Soccer, setbacks & more soccer

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Facebook Update: October 6, 2018

Big time bonus of Cam having a soccer game in Richland... seeing these two! We missed you lots... love you guys!


Facebook Update: October 7, 2018

And a soccer game in Spokane meant another bonus friend visit! Love you guys!


Facebook Update: October 20, 2018

HEALTH UPDATE: went to ER for symptoms - numb and drooping left side of face, slurred speech and loss of motor control in left arm and hand. After CT and MRI scans, they don’t see any stroke or tumor growth, but there is a lot of swelling around the site that is causing my symptoms. Now I’m on a heavy dose of steroids. hopefully this will get the swelling down and I can get back to feeling as great as I have been the last week or so. Feeling hopeful and positive from the amazing family and friends that have got our backs.

After 12 hours in the ER over Thursday and Friday, we were happy to spend the day watching our favorite kids playing the game they love! My family is the best.

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