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July 2019: Our Trip to Maui

The magical feeling of a vaca on Maui, I get it now. So incredibly beautiful, and so relaxing. Waking up each day to the warm air, the sound of waves crashing, going for a run or walk on the beach, hearing the birds chirping, chasing geckos, swimming, boogie boarding, driving around to all the different beaches, seeing huge sea turtles, eating yummy food... it all made for an amazing family vacation and we are so very grateful. We were able to put most of our worries aside and just fully enjoy being away. The boys were ready to come back home, me not so much. I love being home but knowing we have more stresses to face when it comes to Ed’s health etc is a tough reality to come back to... but we are rested and ready to enjoy the rest of our summer and tackle each day as it comes. We had so many people thinking about us and praying for us before and during our trip and all we can say is ”mahalo” because it really was a dream vacation.

Making memories


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