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June 2019: I take two steps forward, I take two steps back

Paula Abdul feat: MC Skat Kat

This post is a little harder to write. On Thursday June 13th, Ed had his scheduled MRI and we went into the day feeling concerned because he has experienced several small seizures over the last couple weeks. The result of the scan explained why these seizures are happening... unfortunately the nasty tumor is back and has grown significantly which also causes a lot of swelling in that part of his brain.


This is devastating news, especially because Ed has been feeling so great, the best he’s felt all year.


So next steps... Ed will start a new chemo pill this week and our care team will let us know if they think another surgery is a good idea. If surgery is the route, this will happen when we return from vacation. Right now we continue to find the joy in all our days and savor moments shared with friends and family... and we’re extremely excited for our first family Hawaiian vaca in a couple weeks, to fully relax and recharge after what has been quite the year. We will continue to get through this by leaning on all the amazing people in our life and by the faith, hope and love that we hold onto. We love you all.

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