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July 2019: Life is Awesome

“Life is awesome” isn’t something you’d expect to say or hear after leaving a neurosurgeon appointment, but that’s what my hubby said on Monday... and it wasn’t his crazy sarcasm talking either. His bravery, strength and positive attitude continue to amaze me and I know it’s inspiring to others. Even though we’re on this crazy roller coaster ride, we try and focus on all the positive, joyful moments in our life as much as possible. We worry, we get really sad, we have anxiety, and we cry (mainly me), but we will continue to smile and laugh and have hope through all of this. We prayed for clarity and peace on Monday before heading into our neurosurgeon appointment and we felt both those things. We believe another surgery is the best option for Ed in order to remove the new tumor and help reduce the swelling in his brain that’s causing his seizures

Ed is now scheduled for another craniotomy on Wednesday July 24th. Thank you all for the continued love and support.

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