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May 2019: First Brainiversary

It has been one year since surgery to remove a nasty tumor in my brain. The last 12 months have been a rollercoaster of darkness and light. But as I settle into a new "normal" it is becoming clear that my past perception of good and bad days has been clouded by who I was a year ago, and not all-together accurate. In retrospect, some of the "bad" days were instantly neutralized by a friend's visit, card or phone call. I've also been a crying heap on the bathroom floor and moved to tears of joy from my wife's comforting and words of encouragement.

So as I celebrate this day and past year I am full of hope for ALL of my upcoming days and interactions with friends and family - if you're reading this, that's you.

I am also happy to report that I'm feeling good, getting out for regular walks and even worked my way up to going all the way around Green Lake - almost 3 miles. Not quite the New York Marathon, but I'm almost just as proud of this accomplishment.

And my brain still works! I've been playing Jeopardy along with James Holzhauer since he started his run and I average 21 correct answers per night - 27 being my best.


A. Polock who still has it going on. Q. Who is Ed Harowicz


My next scan is June 13th and I am confident it will be clear and you'll all be stuck with me for a while.

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1 Comment

Lindy Berger
May 25, 2019

Great work Ed! Love to hear this!


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