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August 2018: Embrace the crisis

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Facebook Update: August 15, 2018

“Embrace The Crisis” is a life motto that Jenn and I, and our friends came up with years ago. All four of us have unique tattoo expressions of the phrase. Mine has transformed (along with my body) over the last few months but feels more relevant than ever.

I believe we are all going though some sort of crisis. I’m learning through this that, even though it’s no joke and is doing it’s best to take me down, I have a hope and strength that is greater.

Nothing has ever been as dark or challenged me as much, but I now have a perspective that I don’t think is possible without this type of valley.

One thing I’ve gained is a value of time, not measured in years, months and days, but in moments. Being fully present, savoring and collecting the time I get with family and friends.

As I taper off some of the meds and the cumulative effects of the chemo and radiation treatments start to wane, I am feeling even stronger and more positive about the future.

While I’m not looking forward to 6 more months of treatment starting in September, I know my family will not be given more than It can handle. We appreciate the rides to treatments, visits, cards, meals, gifts, and messages, and look forward to moments with you in the future.

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