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We Won't Let This Take Us Down

Updated: May 6, 2021

MRI Update // July 24, 2020:

This guy. My handsome, strong as hell hubby that I love with all my heart. Today marks one year since Ed’s second tumor resection and being right by each others side through the ups and downs of every single day. Recognizing an anniversary date for brain surgery is a weird thing, definitely not dates we expected to remember so well. But the dates are filled with so many feelings and moments and people and crazy strength and even joy. Yesterday was Ed’s routine MRI and once again we were hit with news that forces us to think of the sad reality of our situation, and in return forces us to just be present, taking it one day at a time. It’s an emotionally exhausting back and forth mind play that we’ve dealt with for over two years now. The tumor in Ed’s brain is on the move and growing in directions that aren’t great. We feel numb and sad and scared but we don’t let those feelings take us all the way down, we can’t. We focus on the smiles, love, gentleness and laughter of our time together as a family, and with those we love. Thank you for your continuous thoughts, prayers, and all the love and support, it fills our tank when we’re on empty. LOVE HIM SO MUCH!

“Thank you for making blended lemon margaritas out of lemons.” - Ed

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