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A True Celebration of His Life

May 27, 2022:

Ed's memorial on May 7th was nothing short of beautiful, inspiring, tragic, perfect, heartbreaking, overwhelming, sad and joyful... we laughed and cried and truly celebrated the life of our sweet Ed... a life lived with passion, faith, humor, ambition, and LOVE... a life cut way too short. We celebrated him on what would have been his 50th birthday. I know for a fact that Ed would have loved every moment of his memorial because the room was filled with so many loved ones from different areas of his/our life. There was more laughter than tears just as he would have wanted... and after the service we enjoyed El Camion Mexican food which was a favorite of his. With over 200 friends and family gathered, we all walked away feeling inspired by the man he was and the life he lived in his 48 years. He was honored in the best way. And most importantly, I was able to fulfill the requests Ed had for that very day... it came together just as it needed to be and he will be remembered forever. Thank you to all those that helped and supported me along the way. Thank you to everyone who attended and for all the loving words, hugs, messages, and stories on that day, along with days following… my boys and I, along with many others, were so very touched. Ed's spirit was so present. Thank you again for all the love.

For those unable to attend, here is link to the beautiful memorial (1 hour 30 minutes).

Thank you so much to our friend Brian Lee for recording the service, such a gift.

And here's the slideshow on it's own. (23 minutes)

Again, thank you to everyone involved in making Ed's memorial as special as it was... he was so loved. XO

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