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Update On Ed

Updated: May 6, 2021

September 25, 2020:

Ed and I have a long day of appointments ahead of us including an MRI... we would love extra thoughts and prayers for comfort and strength and of course miracles would be amazing as well. Our hearts have been extra heavy lately. Thank you friends. XO


September 27, 2020:

I love this guy with all my heart. He’s been my best friend for twenty five years. His faith is so amazingly strong and he continues to battle this nasty cancer with hope, bravery, love... all while keeping his “Ed-ness” and inspiring others, including our care team. It’s extremely heartwarming and heartbreaking all at the same time. Friday was a full day of appointments for us and we went into the day with heavy hearts, already suspecting the tough conversations we’d be having with our neuro-oncologist and palliative care doctor. While the MRI showed that part of the tumor growth was stable, another part has crossed into the left side of Ed’s brain. We believe the chemo has kept the growth slow but is now doing more harm than good when it comes to Ed’s immune system so we’ve made the difficult decision to stop chemo treatment. The word “hospice” has felt super sad but through our care team we’ve learned so much more about it over the past couple months and we believe this is the next level of support that we need at home and will help Ed and our family in many ways going forward. These posts are extremely difficult to write but we feel it’s important, and have from day one, to share occasional brief updates because we know how many people love Ed, myself and our boys. Even with all the love and support surrounding us, this feels very lonely at times, but we thank you for filling us up when we need it and we love you all right back. XO

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