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Two Year Survivor!

Updated: May 6, 2021

May 14, 2020:

Today was MRI day for Ed, a day that gives us a lot of anxiety but we’re happy to report that Ed’s tumor is stable. Of course we’d like that dang tumor to take a hike, but finding out that it didn’t grow in the last two months was the best news we could’ve received. The new chemo seems to be doing its job and for that we are so grateful. Thank you sooo much for the continued love, thoughts and prayers.


May 23, 2020:

The month of May is brain cancer awareness month. Yesterday and tomorrow mark two years since our life changed forever, finding out Ed had a mass in his brain and immediately having surgery two days later. To look back is crazy because even after his first resection, we had no idea what glioblastoma was, we never thought he’d have brain cancer... no way could that happen to Ed and our little family. And we had zero clue as to how different life was going to look for the four of us - let alone all the treatments and huge physical and mental battles that Ed would be faced with on the daily. I was immediately in a new heightened role of caretaker, a position I hold onto strongly and try my hardest everyday to do as best as humanly possibly. We did know one thing, we could only handle one day at a time, and we’d lean on each other hard in order to get through this. We’ve learned so much along the way. Yesterday was a rough day and a not so gentle reminder of how nasty cancer and treatment is... also a reminder of how strong we can be even when we have to dig super deep for that strength. Here’s a pic of my handsome guy from July 2018, before heading to radiation treatment... he continues to put up a good fight, not letting Glioblastoma win, and he’s doing an incredible job being so brave, courageous, and positive... he’s my hero (and I’m his)! Cheers to being a two year survivor honey and us getting through the hardest two years of our life, it’s a huge deal. #embracethecrisis #twoyearsurvivor #braincancerawarenessmonth

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