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Three Years Ago

May 22, 2021:

Three years ago today I was sitting at my desk when Ed called me from his work telling me he had a second seizure like episode and that his nurse said to leave work immediately and go straight to the ER and demand an MRI... we had no clue what was in front of us. The MRI showed a mass in his brain and he was then taken by ambulance from Swedish Ballard to Swedish Cherry Hill where he’d have brain surgery two days later. I can recall so much detail from these first moments and days and everything that followed after. Someday I’ll write a full blog on all of it. It’s wild to think back on everything we went through. Three years ago our life changed forever. #fuckcancer

May 24, 2021:

Thankful for the three years we had together after that first surgery day, but damn, still hard to believe he’s no longer here. I miss my brave warrior and I know so many miss him tons too. The amount of love and support we received over the last few years still blows me away, thank you again and again.

Photos from May 24, 2018

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