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The Brand of Ed + 25 Random Facts

Updated: May 6, 2021

Poem Written by Ed in March 2011:

Ten years ago Ed wrote this poem and shared it on Facebook... he was always so clever with his words and enjoyed poetry and rhyming.

"The Brand of Ed"


The brand of Ed is rad, to be sure,

product delivered, not quite so pure.


The packaging says "new and improved",

but I often feel the same, with a couple parts moved.


Living boldly, strong and empowered,

secretly battling my inner coward.


God in my heart, emotions on sleeve,

hands and mouth not always doing what I believe.


Feeling defeated before I begin.

Why is it so hard to start a race I already know I win?


The solution is simple; faith that quenches doubt,

but in the real world, that's so hard to live out.


That's when I realize I've made it about me,

and serving others is the only way to feel free.


So I will continue to seek keys to open my locks,

striving to live up to the features on the box.


Facebook Post from Ed in March 2009:

I think Ed would’ve shared this memory so I’m doing it for him. Love and miss all your randomness so much honey.

25 Random Facts. 1) My good buddy and I tried out for The Amazing Race, we didn’t get a call back, apparently we are less than amazing. 2) My favorite number is 2. 3) I am mentally allergic to onions. Except onion rings, the frying somehow counteracts the allergy. 4) I have played on one softball team or another since just after college. Current teams: Punching Pilots (Shoreline) and The Dirty ol’ Men (Greenlake). 5) My boss Gavin Fysh is kind, generous, empowering and will most likely read this. 6) The things I value most are (in order): my relationship with Jesus, family, friends, Taco Bell 7) Sometimes I get excited to tell a story and I’ll repeat myself 8) Design (or other creative endeavors) is not just what I do for a living, it’s what I feel called to do, something from deep within. 9) I think a sense of humor is more important than looks – Thankfully my wife feels the same way! 10) The best part of my day (everyday) is opening the front door of my house and being tackled by two crazy kids screaming “Daddy!”. 11) I lost my mom recently to cancer, she continues to be influential in my life. 12) Making sculptures out of bits of recycled metal and wood is one way I express myself. 13) I am the oldest of four children – with three younger sisters I played a lot of My Little Pony and Chinese jump rope – somehow they never had time for GI Joe and Lego's. 14) I hug – deal with it! 15) My eight year old will surpass me as the most athletic in the house very soon....there he goes. 16) While doing some design work I got to meet James Hetfield (of Metallica). 17) Sometimes I get excited to tell a story and I’ll repeat myself 18) I had ACL surgery a few years back and now go in circles when I try to run fast (only half of that is true) 19) I love movies – lately it’s been Independent and Foreign films. 20) I have had a broken arm, leg and heart. 21) Investing in the lives of others pays dividends. 22) I wasn’t cool enough for the class superlatives, but if we were voting now I’d be “most likely to.... Who am I’m kidding, I’m not any cooler now. 23) My wife and I have a wind-up toy collection 24) I still own my first car – 1973 Dodge Challenger. 25) Poetry does not have to rhyme.


We loved all your randomness and awesomeness honey. XO

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