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Team Ed

Updated: May 6, 2021

March 27, 2020:

This guy continues to be so incredibly strong and so brave. Yesterday we needed to venture out of the house to get Ed’s routine mri and sadly the results were not good. Despite his mobility deficits, we really weren’t expecting the news we received. The tumor is continuing to grow back at a pace that’s concerning. I couldn’t help it, the words “are you fucking kidding me” immediately came out of my mouth as tears rushed down my face when our doctor gave us the news. Just so heavy. It’s heavy for everyone right now. All we want is to see friends and family, and hug each other so tight and we can’t even do that, it’s just sad. The hardest part is always coming home and giving our boys the update, being real but still hopeful and thankful for the present. Hope, joy, faith, strength, and gratitude are never lost during this time. It’s just hard. We’ve believed in staying transparent in this because you really can’t do this stuff alone, we weren’t meant to. But I wish I had better news to share. We are strong and we’ll keep pushing forward in this. Thank you for the love and prayers.


April 3, 2020:

Infusion treatment day. Doing our very best to stay safe and healthy, while trying to keep our anxiety low, in these crazy times.

“I feel good today.” - Ed on April 11th

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