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September 2018: A new treatment begins

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Facebook Update: September 7, 2018

On Wednesday we entered into a new round of treatment for Ed. A six month chemo pill cycle plus Optune therapy - a treatment that creates electric fields to help keep the glioblastoma cells from growing. It’s invasive, uncomfortable, and has to be worn almost all the time, while being “zapped” at least eighteen hours a day. We knew from the beginning that this was something Ed was going to try because for those that stick with it, it’s proven to be pretty effective. As each phase of this unwelcome adventure unfolds, we face it with hope, sadness, bravery, love, anxiety, strength, and so many other feelings. We continue to take one day at a time... and are grateful for the amazing amount of love that surrounds Ed and our family.


Facebook Update: September 13, 2018

Lunch with my Birthday Girl! Sliders and golf.


Facebook Update: September 14, 2018

Even after 22 years, this never gets old. Happy Anniversary babe.

Better every year, In sickness and in health

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