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Ragnar Memories

June 11, 2021:

In July 2014, 2015, and 2016, Ed and I were a part of one of the craziest adventures we experienced together… Ragnar Northwest Passage, a 200 mile running relay from Blaine to Langley. It was a wild experience each year and we had such crazy fun memories from being a part of the 12 person teams we were on. Well last month I received a text from my friend Lindsey asking if I wanted to join her all women Ragnar team, they had a spot open and she thought of me. Touched by the offer, I told her I’d need to think about it for a week because for one I’m super out of shape and second because all my Ragnar experiences were with Ed and that’d be something I’d need to work through. After some back and forth texts, I decided to say yes. I needed a goal to push me forward and I guess this was it… I felt super crazy for saying yes, and still do, but I’m so glad I did. So in one month I’ll be joining a team of twelve women (I only know two of them), and running more miles than I’ve run in a long time. I know Ed will be with me, giving me the boost of strength and joy that I’ll need, along with the awesome women on my team. It’s going to be emotional as all the big and little memories from those three relays will flood back but I know Ed would be so proud of me for going after it. Two of Ed’s favorite Ragnar memories were running across the Deception Pass bridge at sunrise and crashing another team’s dance routine at one of the exchanges. Such good times. Ragnar Relay#ragnarnwp#embracethecrisis

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