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October + November Updates

Updated: May 6, 2021

October 11, 2019:

Scanxiety, it’s a thing. Each scan brings lots of anxiety for us. We’re thankful to report that Ed’s MRI results yesterday looked good. The Avastin infusion he’s been doing every couple weeks has worked well in reducing the amount of swelling in his brain. There are always small cancerous tumor cells and areas that they continue to watch but things look stable now so good news overall. He’ll continue doing his infusion every three weeks, and his next MRI will be at the end of November unless we see any significant changes or symptoms.

Daily life is so different now and difficult in many ways but overall we’re doing well, holding onto hope, and managing day to day while finding lots of joy in spending time with friends and family whenever we can. Thank you for all the continued love.

“I may be a little twisted but I’m not broken.” -Ed



November 7, 2019:

Infusion treatment day.

Me (while logged into the e-care system): “I’m checking your test results”

Ed: “what’d you say”

Me: “I’m checking your test results”

Ed: “I thought you said you’re checking my testicles”

(Cracking up.)

Ed: “you make me smile everyday” :)


November 19, 2019:

Thankful for this guy. He always thanks me for taking such good care of him. I wouldn’t have it any other way. He continues to deal with so much, physically and mentally, and very rarely complains. He didn’t ask for any of this to happen, none of us do when going through extremely hard moments in life. All we can do is continue to focus on the love, the joy, the moments, and keep surrounding ourselves with the people that mean so much. That’s what life’s all about. Love you honey... thanks for being my love and joy.


November 27, 2019:

The last few weeks have been filled with an ER trip, CT scans, ultrasounds, infusion treatments and Ed’s routine MRI. Long days. In this heavy season of life, when often times sadness shows up more than joy, I stop to think of all we are thankful for. We’re thankful that yesterday’s MRI results showed that things are currently stable in Ed’s brain. We’re thankful for treatments that will hopefully keep things at bay for a long long time. I’m thankful for time together, however it looks. This is a hard one though because I so just want life to be like it was before May 2018. We’re thankful for friends who show up in so many different ways to show their love for us. We’re thankful for all the prayers from people we know and don’t know. We’re thankful for our care team at UW. We’re thankful for my workplace and the grace and flexibility that’s been shown to me so I can try to balance everything. We’re thankful for all the donations that have helped us tremendously. Thankful for the strength He gives us when we can’t find it on our own. And just super thankful for time spent together with all our loved ones. Thank you all for the continued love and support and visits. Much love right back to you and wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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