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“New room, who dis?” - Ed Updates: August 1 - 2, 2019

Facebook Post - August 1:

Yay, Ed finally moved to rehab today! What started out as a super rough morning, thankfully ended up turning around. Ed ended up having six blood draws today for various reasons, nine pokes total, his poor body. It all started so early and he barely got any sleep last night. Around 2:40 we were told we’d be moving to the rehab floor in twenty minutes so it all happened fast. We feel really good about the team and the plan and I’m confident he’ll keep making great progress so he can come home soon, when they feel it’s safe for him to do so. We’ll need to make some adjustments at home but we’ll have a better idea as he progresses on his physical and occupational therapy. This definitely gives him anxiety but he’s ready to put in the work. Thank you for all the heartfelt messages. ❤️

Facebook Posts - August 2:

Rehab day one... so many people looking out for this guy and caring for him and helping him get stronger... it’s looking like Ed will be here a couple weeks. We’re going to be sooo ready to have him back home when the time comes... we want off this long bumpy road. 😢

Thank you to our dear friends Mark and Andrea for my fun shirt, it’s perfect. ❤️

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