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Off to college. "No I'm not crying, you're crying"

On Monday I moved our baby up to Bellingham. It was bittersweet for sure and even harder with Ed still in the hospital and not able to come with, but we made it a very fun, memorable day. We knew before Ed's surgery that he wouldn't be able to travel with us so a few weekends ago, Ed and I had a blast going around Target and filling a bin with fun necessities that Cam would need (towels, utensils, toaster, plates, pots, sandwich press, etc) and surprised him with it one morning, he was excited with the hook up! So on Monday, Cameron, Nathan, Carolyn, and I headed up north to get Cam settled into his apartment. We made another Target run, went to Fred Meyer, and helped him set up his place, it was super fun and helped us not be too sad about the big change. We are so proud of Cam and excited for this new chapter in his life - starting soccer with Whatcom CC, making new friends, starting classes in September and continuing to grow and mature through it all. We're very thankful he’s not too far from home, cause we’re sure going to miss having him around each day. His rigorous soccer training started on Wednesday with two practices a day, upcoming friendlies against other colleges, working out at the amazing facility that Whatcom CC has, and then the season starts next month. We are hoping Ed continues to recover well enough so we can make some weekend trips up north to enjoy Bellingham and hang with Cam.

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