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My Valentine

Updated: May 6, 2021

February 14, 2021:

To my Valentine. My handsome, funny, sweet sweet Valentine. My love since I was twenty one years young. I miss you honey and it hurts every minute of the day. You were the leading actor in my romantic comedy. You knew how much I enjoyed watching a love story play out on the screen and if it didn’t tie itself up into a cute little bow at the end, then I was bummed. Honey, I’m bummed. This wasn’t how I ever envisioned our love story to end here on earth. I want the happy fairy tale ending that includes many more adventures together, and with our boys, and with our wild and crazy friends. I want more kisses. Our romantic comedy definitely wasn’t always romantic or fun or funny, it had plenty of trials, but the love and joy and good times shine way brighter in my book. Our love languages didn’t always match up, but we figured it out. You always believed in me. You always made me feel pretty and smart and sexy and funny and special when I didn’t think those things of myself. I’m sad and kinda pissed off that this love story didn’t end the way I wanted. It sounds selfish but I want more story with you in it, right beside me, in the flesh. I want us all to have more Ed in our story. I will always thank God for putting you into my life and not making me date a bunch to find love. He knew you were meant for me. Despite the ending, our beautiful painful love story will always be my favorite and I will hold onto it so tight, and I’ll share it a lot because I think it’s very special. I will always be grateful for the chapters we had together. Thank you for loving me with all your heart sweetie. I love and miss you my forever Valentine.


Each year we’d celebrate Valentine’s Day with our dear friends Peter and Shari, trading off between the years on who would plan the surprise outings for the night, the guys or gals... I loved that tradition, so many fun memories. Here's a pic of our Valentine's night out in 2019.

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