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Updated: May 6, 2021

March 5, 2020 post from Ed:

Went for an awesome walk with my sparkle yesterday, pushing me in my fancy wheels. Things are changing pretty rapidly on the left side of my body so we’re just dealing with it as well as we can. Accepting some losses and fighting for everything else, through scans, treatment and therapy. Let me just say this (I know it’s obvious) “cancer sucks”, I hate it and I try to be as positive as possible (cancer is just cells doing their thing)but I just hate what it is doing to my body, and our family and the challenges it presents when meeting with friends. We have a great community but even all that’s challenged by with us trying to go through this and I just can’t imagine people that don’t have support around them. This kind of thing just tries to bring you to your knees and does a really good job of that. I just pray that my fears are met with understanding, healing, and lack of anxiousness.


March 17, 2020:

So grateful for the sunshine this week during such an unsettling time. We are super appreciative of all the messages we've received from peeps checking in on us and offering to help us out in any way. Like most, we are pretty much hunkered down at home, unless I need to run to the store, pick up Ed's prescriptions, or step out for a little fresh air to sooth the soul. Ed is doing as best as can be at this time. Despite having a difficult time being mobile, he is otherwise feeling pretty well and our oncologist was happy with how he looked on Friday when we met - we hope and pray things stay this way. He had a cold back in February which delayed the start of his new chemo, so in order to not weaken his immune system further, we are holding off on the chemo until after his next MRI (March 26) and we can assess the results. Thank you for all the love and prayers and please know that we are sending it back to you all as well. Our hearts hurt with how this virus is affecting everyone on such deep levels - and we cannot wait until this passes and we can hug all our friends and family again. Lots of love to you all.

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