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I Miss It All

October 27, 2021:

I miss your love honey. I miss your kisses. I miss parenting with you. I miss date nights with you, and double dates with friends. I miss showing up to parties with you. I miss those sexy legs of yours. I miss your skin. I miss your tattoos. I miss being on the sidelines with you. I miss caring for you. I miss your stories and your wisdom. I miss watching you be a dad. I miss watching you do the things you love. I miss your cheesy dad jokes. I miss calling you. I miss your creativity. I miss your flirty texts. I miss being goofy with you. I miss watching our shows together. I miss hearing about your hang time with your buddies. I miss asking you to help me with stuff. I miss telling you about my day. I miss laughing with you. I miss living life alongside you. I miss you telling me I’m pretty. I miss you loving me. // I love you so much too honey. #ninemonthswithoutyou#mysweethubby

Video from October 22, 2020

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