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"I Love Summer Jenn"

July 4, 2021:

Ed would often say “I love Summer Jenn”… he knew that summer was my favorite season and that “Summer Jenn” was a lot more carefree, more relaxed, sun-kissed, sportin tank tops, shorts and flip flops, windows and doors open, music blasting and just loving the warm sunny weather. As the boys and I enjoy our summer days spent with each other and with friends, I try and hear Ed’s voice saying “I love Summer Jenn” and I try to connect with him as much as I can, reflecting on all the crazy fun times we had together, with friends and as our family of four, during the summer months. I miss having my favorite guy during this favorite season. I believe his big bright beautiful light is shining down a ton right now and will forever. Ed would say “you are my sunshine”, but he was mine too. I miss my best friend.

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