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He's Home! + August Outings

August 13, 2019

Home sweet home. After three very long, tough weeks, my guy is home. Friends helped rearrange some stuff in our house today and one of our amazing neighbors built us railings on our front porch. Ed is not cleared to walk without assistance yet so having a walking device plus someone alongside is where we’re at right now. Continued rehab will hopefully get him to be more independent in the future. This makes life tricky but we will keep figuring it out each day. The team at UW was great, and wow, so many people were in and out of his care over the three weeks...they were so encouraging and took great care of him through everything. Thank you everyone for all the messages, prayers, and visits, it really helps lift us up.


August 21, 2019

It’s been four weeks since Ed’s second tumor resection, and a week now at home. He’s doing well and figuring things out, with goals of being more independent in the future. Some days are more restful than others. Some days there’s a physical or occupational therapist that comes to work with him. I’m trying to balance life in some sort of crazy juggling act. Life is just very different for us now, in so many ways, and it’s really hard... but we’re trying to focus on our emotions, our love, our patience, and Ed’s health and safety of course. Highlights since Ed’s been home... watching Cam play college ball, and taking Nathan and his friends swimming the other night... trying to squeeze as much summer in as we can.


August 23, 2019

We had a super fun night watching Cam and his team play at Starfire... and with lots of friends cheering him on!


August 31, 2019

We take our lunch and dinner dates wherever and whenever we can... at the hospital, in between appointments, whatever works. This week was crazy busy with appointments, another MRI, and a new treatment that Ed will receive every couple weeks via an infusion. I needed a little boost of caffeine yesterday and this was the message on my can while we ate at the hospital, very fitting.


September 1, 2019

Beautiful day for a family outing to the Sounders game! A great time plus a great win - thankful for the gift of amazing seats in a suite!

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