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"He's a gladiator" - Ed Update: July 25-26, 2019

Facebook Post - July 25:

Today’s update: I was able to go home last night and get a little sleep after such a long day, our boys as well. I’m so thankful we live just fifteen minutes from UW Medical and our care team here. I walked into the room this morning and one of the doctors said "He's a gladiator, I love this guy!” Overall Ed is doing really well considering the nature of such a dramatic surgery. He was checked on every hour last night to make sure he was doing ok neurologically etc so he’s extremely fatigued and is currently sleeping soundly. He said earlier that he feels at peace... and I feel the same. All your love and prayers are helping us feel calm in the middle of this storm.

Facebook Posts - July 26:

It’s been another long day. In between care team visits and an hour with a physical therapist, Ed spent most of the day sleeping. His body has a lot to recover from but he’s making great progress little by little. Ed’s tumor affects the left side of his body, and the surgeon really pushed the boundary to get as much as he could (without leaving Ed paralyzed on the left side) so we knew his left side would be affected more so than it already was... the small PT exercises today showed that he’ll have a lot of work to do in order to regain his strength and coordination back on that side. He’s not even close to being able to walk by himself yet but he’ll get there soon I know it. They said he’ll be a great candidate for some in-patient rehab next week. His spirit still remains positive and hopeful as always.

I’d love continued thoughts and prayers for Ed’s recovery, and for our boys... we try to focus on the positive, joyful moments but no matter what, this is just really hard sad life stuff.

On Monday I’ll be driving Cameron up to Bellingham to get him settled into his apartment and ready for his college soccer season which starts next week... tough timing, and many emotions for the four of us, so one day at a time is all we can handle.

I let Ed know that an incredible amount of people are thinking about him each day and some day in the future he’ll read all your messages, but I have read them all and am so touched. Much love right back to you all. ❤

"Sheesh! Let it go to voicemail, Ed!" - Jennifer Warnick :)

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