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Going into 2020 with my baby like, we got this!

Updated: May 6, 2021

January 1, 2020:

Bye bye 2019, thank you for the memories. Looking back on a year that brought me to tears more often than I’d like. But a year that brought even more shared smiles and laughter. A year with crazy lows but beautiful highs. A year filled with an incredible amount of generosity, love, prayers, messages, and hugs. Authentic moments and time shared that we cherish deeply. Tonight we go to bed celebrating our special family and feeling grateful for what we have, each other. Who knows what this next year will bring, but I know it will bring even more in real life get togethers, hopefully another sunny beachy family vaca, stable health reports, and days filled with joy, peace, strength, and a shit ton of love. Wishing everyone a happy new year.


January 10, 2020:

Rest. Treat. Heal. Friday day date, aka treatment day... we don’t take these days for granted. We enjoy chatting with the friendly and compassionate staff, we get warm blankets, we focus on treating and healing and just being together. We remind ourselves how extremely fortunate we are to live where we do, close to such great care and treatment options. We remind ourselves to be grateful for the little things that are big things. #glioblastoma #onedayatatime

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