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Gifts From Heaven

Updated: May 6, 2021

March 31, 2021:

Last March, Ed surprised me with a #BEKINDbyellen box, something that he explained would arrive every few months, filled with unique items, each having a social cause behind them... it’s been so fun to receive and share some of the items that have been included. I love that he did this for me, from his heart, and I’m not sure if I’ll ever cancel the subscription. It brought me lots of joy to receive this special delivery today. THEN, while shopping at @35thnorth skate shop today with Nathan, Ed and I’s first dance song started playing... “Kiss of Life” by @Sade... not your typical skate shop vibe song so I was kinda shocked, it felt so special. Thank you honey for the heavenly gifts today... we miss you so much.


Easter Sunday // April 5, 2021:

The boys and I spent Easter Sunday relaxing and just being together... we ordered yummy eggs benedict from our neighborhood breakfast joint and then went downtown for a bit to walk around since it was a nice day, and ended the day with some fro-yo. At one point while in the car, Cameron started talking about how he was interested in getting a Dodge Dakota truck instead of a Toyota Tacoma and I mentioned that his dad once had a Dodge Dakota truck. Later that night I was cleaning the upstairs room and moving stuff around and in midst of moving file folders from one box to another, I saw our folders for all the cars we've owned so I decided to look for the Dodge Dakota folder, I wanted to see what year Ed's truck was and share that info with Cam... while thumbing through the folder which didn't have many papers inside it, there in the mix was an old sticky label for some sort of cleaning cloth that Ed obviously had in the car and for some reason it ended up in this folder... but stuck to the label was a random small brightly colored candy wrapper that said "HAPPY EASTER"... my jaw dropped and I thanked Ed for wishing us a happy Easter. I immediately shared it with the boys who were also shocked, along with close friends and family who I also had to text right away and share what happened. A true gift that Ed snuck in there for me to spot on that night.

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