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Father's Day + Keeping The Faith Award

Updated: May 6, 2021

Father's Day Post // June 21, 2020:

Over the twenty years of being a dad, he’s taught the boys and I what love and sacrifice looks like, how important humor and laughter is, what being a great friend looks like, how it’s important to surround yourself with amazing people, to always work hard, to never be scared to try new things, to always show up and support your family... and as of the past two years, what true strength, courage, faith, and a positive outlook look like. We love you honey - thanks for being our special guy. Happy Father’s Day!


Keeping The Faith Award // June 30, 2020:

Shortly after Ed's first brain surgery we found out about Head for the Cure, an organization and 5K that raises awareness and hope for brain cancer patients, families, medical trials etc... so of course we had to sign up. We had done so many runs/races in the past and this was definitely not one we'd ever thought of, or even knew existed, but there we were, and Ed even popped his chemo pill at the finish line, in true Ed fashion. Last year we were in Hawaii during the 5K but this year we signed up for the virtual event and will take our walk/stroll sometime over the next week. Head for the Cure has a "Keeping the Faith" award to extraordinary peeps who are currently fighting, and when I read about it I knew I had to nominate my guy... we were excited to find out on Saturday that he was one of the recipients chosen and recognized for this special award. Yep, he's one extraordinary individual if I do say so myself.


Head For The Cure Virtual 5K // July 4, 2020:

We’ve been waiting for the right time to take a stroll around Green Lake and finally made it happen today. Pushed my hubby for three miles, harder than I thought but totally worth it! The highlight of his week and it felt good to be outside in the sun together.

July 18, 2020 // Ed showing off his Head For The Cure 5k bling and his well deserved “Keeping The Faith” award to family today. The little things are big things. #braincancerawareness

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