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Ed Updates: July 28-31, 2019

Facebook Post - July 28:

Some occupational therapy and physical therapy had Ed pretty worn out today. It’s a bigger setback this time around but he’s making progress each day. I was so excited to push him around the floor... I wish we could’ve snuck outside.

“I’d rather go through everything this past year with you than none of it without you”

- my honey ❤️😢

Facebook Posts - July 31:

It’s been one week since Ed’s brain surgery and recovery has proven to be much much harder than we had anticipated. Though his platelet level went back up, his white blood cell count has been super duper low so they are working to get those levels to hopefully rise soon. We are also waiting for insurance to approve him moving up to the rehab floor. Those are my two specific prayer requests right now. None of us thought he’d be in the hospital this long so it becomes tough mentally. We are trying really hard not to worry. Ed says he can feel the love from all of you. ❤️

*Good news and prayers answered - insurance finally approved the rehab today! Now we just need Ed to feel healthy enough to move to that portion of the medical center. Thank you everyone.

** Praise the Lord, another prayer answered... Neutrophils (WBC) went back up and is now in the standard range! It went from being very scary low for several days to back up - huge jump!

Now we're focused on the blood clots they found in Ed’s lungs (none anywhere else) and so he's on an IV blood thinner for that. That’s now my prayer request... kick those clots to the curb!

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