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Ed Surgery Update: July 23-24, 2019

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

Facebook Post - July 23:

Back in the saddle again, just over a year from when this ride started. Ed’s about to have his second surgery to remove the pesky tumor in his brain and hopefully relieve all the swelling. Ed’s platelet level has been super low so he was admitted today and given a transfusion to bump up his levels before surgery tomorrow morning. We are so thankful for our care team and that we live where we do. And we’ve already had amazing nurses taking care of Ed, and laughing at his jokes. I will post further updates tomorrow and as Ed recovers. Please know that we feel all your love so much and it’s incredibly comforting.

Facebook Posts - July 24:

Update on Ed: Thankfully the transfusion last night worked well and Ed’s platelet levels rose to the number needed to safely start surgery. We got a few hours of sleep and all of his pre-op procedures started early this morning. The entire team here at UW is wonderful and our conversation with our neurosurgeon this morning was so positive and he feels really good about the surgery plan. Ed was wheeled into the OR around 8:30 and I just received a call from the nurse that surgery started at 10:55... prep takes a long time with this surgery. Surgery should last around 4+ hours. Again, we are overwhelmed in the best way ever with all the love we receive... you all are special to us, thank you. Ed’s such a positive and brave guy, and such a great patient, and I’m thankful so many get to know him and love him like I do.

Update July 24 @ 8pm:

My husband continues to amaze me. Ed’s surgery wrapped up around 3pm. Our dear friend Mark and I met with our surgeon and he said it was a challenging surgery, he got aggressive and pushed the boundaries in regards to removing the tumor. He was very pleased with how it went and was able to remove 90-95% of the tumor. The area was more infiltrated with tumor cells than expected. The loss of sensation and weakness that Ed already has in areas of his left side will remain and may be increased but motor function is pretty much in tact. He may need some inpatient rehab but we’ll know more over the next couple days as he continues to recover. Our neurosurgeon said “We’ve given him the best possible shot at keeping this at bay for as long as possible.”

This cancer is a nasty aggressive beast and it’s extremely hard on the boys and I to see Ed go through this, but we feel very grateful for today and that Ed is once again coming out of surgery with all his “Ed-ness”, full of love and humor and wit. Thank you so much for all the love, prayers, and messages.

The night before surgery.

My three favorite guys - the night before surgery.

Love this guy so much!

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27 jul 2019

Sounds like quite a successful surgery. I am glad you guys feel such taken care of with your care team. That makes such a difference! I was just telling my partner about Ed, and how loved he is in our WPP community. How he is kind to everyone, funny, and so BIG hearted. It makes me happy that he is getting top-quality care. I'm sorry that he/you all are going through the ups and downs of this experience. My heart is with you. Love to you, Ed! <3

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