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A Weekend Away

Updated: May 6, 2021

February 22, 2021:

The boys and I took a mini road trip to Seabrook this weekend. I had wanted to get away and do something and since we’d never been to Seabrook, it sounded really nice. What a super cute little area. It was nice to take a walk on the beach and throughout the adorable neighborhood, hear the waves crashing, and just chill out in our little cottage. But nothing feels right. Going away without Ed with us hurts a lot. Everything in life feels so far off. We decided to leave a day early and head home to our safe place. I really enjoyed time with my special boys, they always show me lots of love and provide lots of laughter. I know everything will feel off for a very long time and it’ll someday get “easier” I guess. Today I’m grateful that home equals comfort and safety.

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