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A New Year

January 1, 2022:

In January 2021 I lost my person, my best friend since I was 21, the one person in my life that knew me the best, sometimes even better than I knew myself. I became a single parent. I had to start navigating what life without Ed looks like… learning how to show up for myself, my boys, friends, family, work, and social gatherings in a different way. It has been and continues to be a very messy, lonely, overwhelming challenge for me. Lots of tears, but also a lot of smiles. I’m grateful that the last year has brought deeper friendships, new friendships, lots of walks and talks, lots of fun and laughter with my amazing boys. My focus for this next year will be the same… continued laughter, self care, strength, joy, being vulnerable, showing up for myself and those I love, and hopefully more new adventures with new and existing friends… oh, and a lot more dancing! My honey would want these things for me, and I want these things for me. It’ll continue to look messy at times but that’s ok… still embracing the crisis.

Pic of our first NYE together in 1994

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