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My Delicate Flower

August 13, 2019 post by Ed

A long time ago a boy and a girl started dating and after a year the boy proposed. surprisingly; the girl said yes (I mean if you think I’m a dork now you should’ve seen me then).

Shortly after they were married or perhaps a little before their first anniversary (it’s hard to remember because he is no longer so young) the boy had an inscription put on the inside of his ring “My Delicate Flower” - it read. This was to remind him to always be the protector of his wife, his soon-to-be family, their household, or anything else that needed protecting.

I’ve been a good husband and done my share of protecting, being a good provider, and our family has always followed their dreams, encouraged one another and been its biggest cheerleaders (none more than Jenn), but these last few chapters there’s been some blurred lines on what protection really looks like: The boy/man comes around - Cash

I get a lot of credit for fighting this beast, and I’ll continue to fight, as there’s a lot left to do going forward after this second surgery. But let me tell you something: without Jenn’s wisdom, courage, faith, strength and compassion through the last year plus, our family wouldn’t look anything like it does now. she has almost single-handedly held everything together while working full-time, taking care of me, making sure the boys are happy, and getting Cam off to college. It’s amazing what she’s done and continues to do (she’s been at the hospital nearly every day I have. I just want to throw so much love at her and for you to know she has been our rock through all this.

Although she’ll always be the prettiest flower in any garden in all the land; my wife is anything but delicate.

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